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Positive changes always start small

Then they gain traction and grow. First we make a small change. Then you do. And together we’ll make a huge difference for our planet. That’s because whether you mean to or not, you’re making the sustainable choice when you buy and sell on Ricardo.

How? Because Ricardo is your local site for second-hand shopping. Our mission is to join forces with our four million members to make Ricardo the most trusted and convenient marketplace for sustainable shopping. This keeps products in circulation for longer, saves resources and cuts greenhouse gas emissions.

And that puts a smile on our face – and hopefully on yours, too. On Ricardo you can find common as well as unique items that you’ve been wanting for a while at prices you can afford. Got something collecting dust on your shelf? If you sell it, you’ll earn some extra money and make someone’s day. Plus you’ll save another unused item from landfill. That’s what we’re all about.

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We're going round in circles
We're climate neutral
We achieve more together


We’re going round in circles. But in a good way.

Our motto is ‘secondhand first’ because our business model promotes the circular economy concept and is built around it. ‘Circular economy’ is a catch-all term covering all the ways in which we try – and manage to – keep materials and products in active use for as long as possible.

To support us in our endeavours, we have a select group of partners who – like us – believe in making consumer behaviour more sustainable and seek to achieve this through joint initiatives.

Kreislaufwirtschaft Ricardo

Our initiatives and partners


We’ve been climate neutral since 2020.

We worked with our partner myclimate to calculate our precise CO₂e* emissions for 2020, which came in at 120 tonnes. In 2021, the total decreased to 105.1 tonnes. Yet our emissions are still net zero – zilch, nada, nothing. How, you ask? Like this:

CO2 emissions Ricardo

*CO₂ equivalent (CO₂e) is a unit of measurement that is used to standardise the impact of various greenhouse gases on the climate (e.g. nitrous oxide, methane and hydrofluorocarbons). Read more


We achieve more together.

With our #RicardoForGood initiative, our marketplace gives you the opportunity to bid on unique, personal items from famous people and once-in-a-lifetime experiences with Swiss and international stars – and all for a good cause. Discover #RicardoForGood

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Of course! Whether you’re buying, selling, browsing or looking for inspiration, everyone is welcome to become a Ricardo member.

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